Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A semi-tidy workdesk

This is my first ever scheduled post so it'll be interesting to see if I can make it work, today's been one of "those" days so probably not...!

Here is my desk for WOYWW - though technically I've cheated and it's What's On Your Workdesk Tuesday Night...

This is a work in progress for a new challenge I've found here. The idea is to take a technique from Tim Holtz's Compendium of Curiosities and do something with it, I haven't decided whether to do a tag or card yet...I'm just waiting for the Stickles to dry (had to get some Stickles on there somewhere!). So of course you can see the aforementioned book at the back, and some acetate which I'm going to try to make into bookmarks...

I've finally got myself a rack for my ProMarkers - it's still in it's naked form and I plan to do it up at some point (that'll be in about three years time then). I'm thinking about numbering them on my little chart and on the ends of the pens though to make it even easier to find the one I want...

And that's it for today - thanks for visiting!

Monday, 28 June 2010


It was a gorgeous day on Saturday - so what did I do? I slaved over a hot stove and baked a cake! OK, so it didn't require much slaving...

Lemon Drizzle Cake, recipe courtesy of good old Nigella. I added some Limoncello to it though...we ate most of it at the cricket yesterday. We were a bit disappointed when we found out England's next World Cup match was on Sunday and we would miss it, but it all turned out for the best really as we didn't have to sit through the humiliation that was England v Gemany, but instead we got to watch England beat Australia! It was a gorgeous day and there was a lot of red skin about (me included to be fair, though not too bad considering we were sat out in the sun from 10.30am til 6pm).

No cards today as all the recent ones are for Kirsty's new CD. I've attempted an acetate card but think my acetate is too thick? I'm struggling to fold it without it snapping - I may give it a waft with the heat gun...

Monday, 21 June 2010

Who You Callin' Cupcake?

I've finally used one of my Tiddly Inks images!

Here is Poppy from their Gothic Cute collection...

As usual I've used ProMarkers to colour her and the papers are Basic Grey Eerie. I've fallen in love with their papers a little bit and have also treated myself to another 2 6x6 pads.

I've had a lovely weekend, had a hen night on Saturday night then we went to Hope in Derbyshire today to meet up with my bezzie (who the card is for), her husband and little girl as they're having a week away this week. It was so good to see them, and their little girl Florence is doing really well - full of smiles for Connor - we have high hopes for those two!

We had a quick trip to the Trafford Centre on Friday and I found this book...
There are some amazing (and some weird) recipes in here - I'll be sure to put some pics up when I've managed to make some!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

An untidy desk...

Time for another WOYWW, of which I've been sadly lacking of late but here's my desk...

So, on the left are those images from Tiddly Inks which I still haven't done anything with. I've bought the Basic Grey Eerie paper stack though which I think will go with some of these images really well. At the back is my ProMarker colour chart so I can see what the colours look like on the card that I usually use for printing images on. It's out as I'm colouring in images from Kirsty Wiseman's new CD (airs for the first time on Create and Craft on 30th June!). Some of the images are on the right of the desk, along with some of the papers so I can match colours to them. And that's it!

Early night for me tonight as Connor slept REALLY badly last night, which of course, means I didn't get a whole lot of sleep either! Fine, when I could nap during the day, not so good now I'm back at work!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

a) Big Brother b) World Cup c) none of the above

Which camp are you in? Personally I'm in both this year. I managed to wean myself off Big Brother a few years back but have allowed myself to fall off the wagon for the last series...and as for the World Cup, I'm actually quite excited about it this time round, I'm sure I'll be bored with it in no time though...especially as the USA have just scored against us as I type this! I have Australia in the works sweepstake - don't fancy my chances really!

So anyway...I actually have some cards to show today!

This first is made using some stamps from the Banana Frog set (that I won!) "Swirls and Butterflies". This is for my parents' 35th Wedding Anniversary - it's not til next week but they're away on holiday and apparently the internet access is pretty poor so I'm quite confident they won't see this!

This next card is for my dad for Father's Day. The image is Mo Manning's Fishing...

Coloured as usual with ProMarkers and the papers are from Kirsty Wiseman's "Colour Me Crazy" CD.
The design team been sent some of the stuff from her new CD to work with ready for it's launch on Create and Craft on June 30th. What we have so far is lovely - really bright and cheerful - there's a sneak peek here but here's another sneaky peek...

Hope you all have a lovely weekend...

Sunday, 6 June 2010

What a bad blogger I am...

OK, I admit it, I've been very lax of late with regards to my blog. I promise I will rectify this soon! I almost fully blame going back to work last week - I'm only working three days a week and I was knackered! Connor seems to be settling in nicely at nursery, despite having a bad cold and cough and they're really pleased with how he's doing.
Unfortunately I didn't go on my friends hen do in Chester this weekend as I've been feeling pretty under the weather - nothing specific (which is worse somehow) but I knew I'd make myself very ill if I spent the weekend drinking and losing sleep!

Some good news though - I have another magazine commission for Creative Cardmaking so am working on that at the moment - of course it means I can't show any pics of what I've been working on! I also won a prize on the Banana Frog hop last month so I have a new set of stamps to work with - Butterflies and Swirls which I'm sure will go nicely with Kirsty's Butterfly World papers.
I've also got my first blog award! So here goes...

These are the rules...
1 Express gratitude to the blogger who bestowed the award unto you... Copious,grovelling …I am not worthy… big loves to Kirsty
2 Display the picture on your blog proudly.
3 Be nice and provide a link to the person who gave it to you.

4 Tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth, or switch it around and tell six outrageous truths and one outrageous lie. I'm not telling which is which :)
5 Nominate seven creative writers who might be into doing this. The ladies I'm nominating have the most amazing way of telling their stories.
6 Post links to the seven blogs you nominate and let the owners of those blogs know, the way Blogger is behaving this may take a while.

So here are my Lies & Truths...
1. In Sixth Form I did work experience in a mortuary.

2. My favourite tipple is Archers and Coke.

3. I've been in a music video (right at the back).

4. Even though I was raised in the North East I've never been on "The Boat".

5. I've never read Lord of the Rings.

6. I've been on Sky Sports.

7. I was born in Germany.
I am nominating each of the following, for being either really creative, really funny or really both!

Trish (sorry mam, I'll tell you how to do it!)

TTFN - I'm off to bed to hopefully sleep off this lurgy thing!