Sunday, 6 June 2010

What a bad blogger I am...

OK, I admit it, I've been very lax of late with regards to my blog. I promise I will rectify this soon! I almost fully blame going back to work last week - I'm only working three days a week and I was knackered! Connor seems to be settling in nicely at nursery, despite having a bad cold and cough and they're really pleased with how he's doing.
Unfortunately I didn't go on my friends hen do in Chester this weekend as I've been feeling pretty under the weather - nothing specific (which is worse somehow) but I knew I'd make myself very ill if I spent the weekend drinking and losing sleep!

Some good news though - I have another magazine commission for Creative Cardmaking so am working on that at the moment - of course it means I can't show any pics of what I've been working on! I also won a prize on the Banana Frog hop last month so I have a new set of stamps to work with - Butterflies and Swirls which I'm sure will go nicely with Kirsty's Butterfly World papers.
I've also got my first blog award! So here goes...

These are the rules...
1 Express gratitude to the blogger who bestowed the award unto you... Copious,grovelling …I am not worthy… big loves to Kirsty
2 Display the picture on your blog proudly.
3 Be nice and provide a link to the person who gave it to you.

4 Tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth, or switch it around and tell six outrageous truths and one outrageous lie. I'm not telling which is which :)
5 Nominate seven creative writers who might be into doing this. The ladies I'm nominating have the most amazing way of telling their stories.
6 Post links to the seven blogs you nominate and let the owners of those blogs know, the way Blogger is behaving this may take a while.

So here are my Lies & Truths...
1. In Sixth Form I did work experience in a mortuary.

2. My favourite tipple is Archers and Coke.

3. I've been in a music video (right at the back).

4. Even though I was raised in the North East I've never been on "The Boat".

5. I've never read Lord of the Rings.

6. I've been on Sky Sports.

7. I was born in Germany.
I am nominating each of the following, for being either really creative, really funny or really both!

Trish (sorry mam, I'll tell you how to do it!)

TTFN - I'm off to bed to hopefully sleep off this lurgy thing!

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  1. Well done on winning the stamps, hope you feel better soonly.


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