Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Exciting yet a little bit scary...

I thought I'd already blogged these, but whoops, no I haven't!
Remember my MIMM book? Well, a few of us (10 to be precise) who took the class have got together and decided to do a circle journal. We each bought a Moleskine book, OK, more than one - shhhhh, and decorated the cover, first page and a tag. Each journal got posted on to the next person for them to decorate the next two pages and a tag. It then gets posted on again and, well, you get the drift. Eventually our journals make their way back to their owner, filled full of unique artwork to treasure. It's a lovely thing to be part of, though slightly terrifying working in someone elses journal. A couple of us (me included) have already panicked by getting a bit of paint on other pages!
I've asked the girls to give me their favourite song, book and film - the intention being that I use a quote from one of these for their pages, making them a bit more personal.
So, without further ado...

My cover

My first page using a line from my favourite song "Enter Sandman"

Tag - side 1 using a quote from Harry Potter

Tag - side 2 - a little bit about me

I currently have Becca's journal, it's due to be posted next week so I can show some pics once it's been received by Catherine!

On a separate note - Little Musings have some new images coming out for Christmas - you can check them out by clicking on the button on the right ------>

Monday, 5 September 2011

Me in my Moleskine

A while ago I signed up for Kirsty Wiseman's Me in my Moleskine (MIMM) class. Well... it's finished! Kind of. I just need to do my journalling on the tags (which are all decorated to match the pages), but since that journalling will be kept private I'm ready to show my pages!
So here we go...

Front Cover - kept nice and simple to emphasise the gorgeous bright colours within

Page 1 - About Me

Page 2 - More of me

Page 3 - More and more of me

Page 4 - Hair

Page 5 - My Skin

Page 6 - My mind during a good day

Page 7 - My mind during a bad day

Page 8 - My Heart

 Page 9 - Love

Page 10 - My Hands

Page 11 - My Feet

Page 12 - My current status

Page 13 - My current status continued

Page 14 - My bag

Page 15 - Cosmetics

Page 16 - My handwriting

Page 17 - Music

Page 18 - My family

Page 19 - My friends

Page 20 - Food

Side on view of all those brightly coloured pages!

I really enjoyed doing this class. It was a perfect introduction to art journalling covering different ways of applying paints and inks to the page and different colour combinations.
So now I've moved on to the Feel class which is another Moleskine book, filled full of different textures and lovely bright colours.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

5 cards in one day...

Well, kind of - 5 cards in an evening and Connor's nap time! My friends' mum asked me to make them for her friend to give to her friends (convoluted?) and although I actually got plenty of notice I left it til the last minute as usual. I've signed up for Shimelle Laine's "Learn Something New Every Day" (LSNED from hereon in) so I think this may be my first lesson!

Pretty pleased with how the cards turned out though - I've been very inspired by Kirsty Wiseman's cards lately. It's her first day demostrating on QVC this Wednesday (4pm) so tune in!

Most of the papers have come from my Scrapagogo kits - I definitely prefer digi to paper scrapping but love the papers and embellishments so much that I don't want to stop getting the kits! I figure they're my monthly treats ;)

As for LSNED I'm fully aware that I won't have time to do a page/tag/whatever I decide on, each day so am just making a note of my lesson learnt each day so I can do it in my own time...

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Dandelion Dreaming

Artgal Style's latest kit "Dandelion Dream" was released yesterday at Plain Digital Wrapper. Here's my layout with photos from our recent trip to Anglesey. Connor had a great time exploring through all the grasses at the nearest beach, even though it was pretty windy and drizzling!

Go and check it out along with all the other lovely kits!