Monday, 5 September 2011

Me in my Moleskine

A while ago I signed up for Kirsty Wiseman's Me in my Moleskine (MIMM) class. Well... it's finished! Kind of. I just need to do my journalling on the tags (which are all decorated to match the pages), but since that journalling will be kept private I'm ready to show my pages!
So here we go...

Front Cover - kept nice and simple to emphasise the gorgeous bright colours within

Page 1 - About Me

Page 2 - More of me

Page 3 - More and more of me

Page 4 - Hair

Page 5 - My Skin

Page 6 - My mind during a good day

Page 7 - My mind during a bad day

Page 8 - My Heart

 Page 9 - Love

Page 10 - My Hands

Page 11 - My Feet

Page 12 - My current status

Page 13 - My current status continued

Page 14 - My bag

Page 15 - Cosmetics

Page 16 - My handwriting

Page 17 - Music

Page 18 - My family

Page 19 - My friends

Page 20 - Food

Side on view of all those brightly coloured pages!

I really enjoyed doing this class. It was a perfect introduction to art journalling covering different ways of applying paints and inks to the page and different colour combinations.
So now I've moved on to the Feel class which is another Moleskine book, filled full of different textures and lovely bright colours.


  1. Oh this is lovely Maz, I really must finish mine, and start the Feel one - just keep getting distracted with other arty things and that bloomin' work gets in the way too!!!! xx

  2. looks gorgeous, a real work of art to keep and treasure, as well as being a sample book of ideas and techniques.

  3. Ooh, this is fab! I've still not started mine, but once things have calmed down in our house by october (I hope!) I'm planning to engross myself in it!

  4. Oooh - this is lovely - Really should finish mine!!! Maybe tomorrow's burst of energy can be used on my MIMM?

  5. Looks great!! Like Catherine (and others!!), I really need to finish mine!! x


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