Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Exciting yet a little bit scary...

I thought I'd already blogged these, but whoops, no I haven't!
Remember my MIMM book? Well, a few of us (10 to be precise) who took the class have got together and decided to do a circle journal. We each bought a Moleskine book, OK, more than one - shhhhh, and decorated the cover, first page and a tag. Each journal got posted on to the next person for them to decorate the next two pages and a tag. It then gets posted on again and, well, you get the drift. Eventually our journals make their way back to their owner, filled full of unique artwork to treasure. It's a lovely thing to be part of, though slightly terrifying working in someone elses journal. A couple of us (me included) have already panicked by getting a bit of paint on other pages!
I've asked the girls to give me their favourite song, book and film - the intention being that I use a quote from one of these for their pages, making them a bit more personal.
So, without further ado...

My cover

My first page using a line from my favourite song "Enter Sandman"

Tag - side 1 using a quote from Harry Potter

Tag - side 2 - a little bit about me

I currently have Becca's journal, it's due to be posted next week so I can show some pics once it's been received by Catherine!

On a separate note - Little Musings have some new images coming out for Christmas - you can check them out by clicking on the button on the right ------>

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