Saturday, 8 October 2011

Circle Journal - Becca's Journal

So, Becca's journal arrived at the beginning of September. I was extremely nervous about doing my pages - what if I totally cocked it up? After all, this is someone else's artwork I'm potentially ruining! My fears came slightly true when I got some spots of bright pink paint on the following page - eeek! I was quickly reassured by the other ladies that I wouldn't be the last person this happened to...they were right, Janey followed soon after ;)

Here are my pages and tag...

When asked - Becca said her favourite song is "These Dreams" by Heart. I picked a couple of lines from the song that I liked and that I thought I could use in the journal. The angel image is from The Octopode Factory - I liked the idea of her being a fallen angel so made her halo look a bit rusty and lay it down next to her. The moon is from Tiddly Inks and I drew the stars to match.

The tag also has a line from the same song - I cut the bird out from book print, sprayed it and doodled on it to match the moon and stars from the page.

The back of the tag with a little message to Becca.

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