Monday, 27 February 2012

Postcard Challenge - All Caught Up

I'm up to date! I haven't been able to link up my postcards in time for the last few weeks so if you'd like to see those cards then here are China, France and Belgium.

So here are my postcards for Wales and Cuba...

Wales first...I found an artist called Amanda Hone, I liked the style of her art and she has handily done a canvas based on Portmeirion. We visited Portmeirion a few years ago and I knew as soon as Wales was announced that I wanted to use it as the inspiration for my postcard. I realised as I was doing the postcard though that it's very similar to my Brazil postcard!

And next we have Cuba - my friend visited Cuba last year so I borrowed one of her photos from Facebook :) I turned the photo to black and white then coloured the car with ProMarkers. Quite simple really.

If you've not come here as part of the Postcard Challenge then check out Darcy's blog to see what it's all about.


  1. well done on catching up honey, you know you don't have to link up over the weekend, you have until thursday night to use the mister linky.

    Love your Wales cards, and the card is subtle very but effective.

    We loved Wales, but never visited Portmeirion.

  2. Your postcards are brilliant. .Glad you are catching up as it's a great challenge. Look forward to seeing more.

  3. Great cards! I love the old cars of Cuba too.

  4. Fantastic cards. Love the brilliant colors in your Wales card.

  5. I've always fancied visiting Portmerion so your card has given me a little nudge! Great piece.

  6. 2 startlingly differing styles for your cards. The bright cheerful colours on the Wales card really inspired me, while the subdued subtlety of the Cuba card is just divine :D XXX

  7. Simple is best sometimes!!! ♥
    Love your Wales card too!
    So glad you had time to catch up! Lovely done!!! :)

  8. Loving these cards ... so cool ... and guess whose got an award ... go check out my blog honey!


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