Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Postcard Challenge - Switzerland

Yes, I'm behind again in Darcy's Postcard Challenge - I blame Switzerland! I could NOT decide what to do for my postcard...I really didn't want to do mountains! Hubby pointed out that CERN is in Switzerland and said to Google image LHC collisions. Lots of pretty pictures turned up and I decided that's what I was doing, but, I just wasn't feeling it.
So...then I Googled Swiss artists and who did I find? HR Giger. I LOVE the Alien films so knew this had to be the right path. However, not being an amazing artist I couldn't draw the image I wanted (here) though I did try...so went with an Alien silhouette instead. Now, just to catch up with the next three countries!


  1. Great card. Not familiar with the artist but love your silhouette.

  2. Love the card...and the artist!! Well done!


  3. That is an awesome silhouette!!!! and such a cool topic to choose, isn't amazing the stuff we find out when we have time to dig around :D XXX


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