Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Artful Readers Club - February book

Yes, I know I should be posting March's book, I'm already behind :) Only with the artwork mind you, I'm right on track with the reading.

My book for February was 77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz.

You can read the book description on Amazon here.

So...I really struggled wth this book to begin with. The book jumps about between each character - which is normally something I like in a book. However, each characters section was quite short which meant there were a lot of natural breaks in the story, which in turn meant that I didn't really read a large enough chunk at a time to really sink my teeth into it. But, about two thirds of the way through, the story suddenly grabbed me and I finished the book in a couple of days. I actually enjoyed the book in the end, especially once it became clear what was causing the "hauntings". If you're a fan of horror then I'd recommend this book but be warned that you may need to persevere to get into it.

My art...

I picked a few bits from the book that stuck in my head - the grass outside of the house that is filled with creatures and the fungus that grows in the rooms in the house. The house in the book is nothing like the one in my journal page but I've been looking for an excuse to use this die!

My book for March is World War Z by Max Brooks. Hopefully I'll get my artwork finished and linked up before the end of April...


  1. I've not read any of these books, but have heard lots of good things about them. love, love the eyeballs in the grass.

  2. I used to read Dean Koontz a long time ago - and even had the DVD of Mr Murder - but I gave up horror stories long ago. I've got much too impressionable a mind and try not to add to the weird things in there already from reading too much of this genre.!
    But a good review, which makes interesting, and I love the artwork. Colourful, but with menace brooding all over it and in hidden places.

    1. Great representative art for what sounds like a scary book...

  3. Fabulous journal page Maz! Just creepy enough to entice a weary traveller or inquisitive child..mwahahaha....:D XXX

  4. This is awesome art! I'm not a fan of horror but I'm glad the book managed to draw you in. :)

  5. I always do struggle with Dean Koontz - don't think I have finished one of his yet. I can't wait for your World War Z review - that's one I do keep meaning to read but haven't yet.

    As for your art - oh wow it's an absolute stunner. Just love it. I've scrolled back up a couple of times and each time spot something different. I was the same with my March book - my monster doesn't truly represent the monster in the book but it's all about what it inspires eh? And it inspired a creepy gorgeous house from you :)

  6. Love your creepy house and the grass "eyes". I am glad others read horror and tell me about it as I can only enjoy it third hand.

    Janet xx

  7. It is good when a book finally grabs you, it makes persevering with it worthwhile. Your artwork looks stunning.

  8. Not going to read this one, looking at your great page I know this is not something to read before bedtime! :)
    I love mixed media and your page rocks!!! ♥

  9. great artwork for a book I don't think I have read yet but would definitely enjoy

    looking forward to seeing what you think of WWZ next month - I have that on my bookshelf but haven't read it yet

  10. Fab die! Love the mushrooms in the window too!

    C xxx


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