Wednesday, 19 May 2010

WOYWW and Another Acceptance

I'm managing to post this while Connor spends 10 minutes in his door bouncer - he gets fed up a lot quicker in it these days - I think because he now bounces so vigourously in it that he tires himself out! He's been very snot filled the last few days and hasn't been sleeping well, but last night was a lot better and we ended up waking him up at 8am - he went back to sleep at 10 and slept til nearly half 12! Obviously he's catching up on all his missed sleep...

So here is my desk today...

I did a canvas as a present for a Christening a while ago, these are for some friend's two children. They don't know I'm doing it but I don't think they read this blog so I should be ok! I'll wrap these round a frame and embellish them accordingly. If you want to find out more about this WOYWW lark then have a gander over here.

And lastly, a card for another Wedding Acceptance, again in August. The hen do is in a few weeks (at the end of my first week back at work handily!) in Chester - I won't give any details here just in case but I'm sure there'll be some amusing photos!

The papers are Kirsty Wiseman - told you I'd be using those dotty papers again!

I have a full day planned tomorrow - I'm off to be Kirsty's slave for the day to help her get some bits together (though we may just spend the day chasing Connor round the house) then I'm off out for tea and to the cinema to see Iron Man 2. Tim and I haven't been to the cinema together since Connor was born so that'll be a treat!


  1. Chester is a lovely city - hope the hen do is fun.

  2. Beautiful craft creations on your desk today and beautiful acceptance card too. Thanks for the nose around. Tracy Evans x

  3. What gorgeous calligraphy. And a beautiful gift that will be treasured forever. Thank you so much for sharing. Have fun at the cinema.

  4. gorgeous card! hope you have a crazy time on the hen!

    hugs mandyxx

  5. Love that spotty paper. Enjoy the cinema.


  6. Lovely card, enjoy the cinema x

  7. Beautiful work, so lovely to pop in and see what you've been doing

  8. Those canvesses are special - love 'em. And the dots of course - hope you have a great date night!

  9. Lovely city Chester. Haved fun :-)
    A x

  10. Lovely to see what you're working on and hope they dont read it too!

    It will be an anxious time for you to go out without your little one but one that you'll soon get over!! lol!

    Keryn (",)

  11. The canvasses are a lovely idea. love the card
    Anne x

  12. those canvasses are going to look amazing, I really like the format. Loving the dotty paper too, I can see me using it lots...once I manage to stock up on printer ink lol

  13. Great card! But bigger picture needed on the crafty space tho, as I love to snoop! sorry I'm very late but blogger wasn't letting me comment, I'm nearly round everyone phew!!

  14. wow, the butterfly card is beautiful.....have a fabulous week!

    enjoy *~*


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