Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Some jewellery

Hi, what a lovely weekend we had! Was that summer?!

I've been having a play with my beady bits recently and have made a couple of pieces inspired by (for that read copied!) from the Bijoux Beads catalogue...

I also made some hair clips for my friend Susanne. She was recently a bridesmaid for her sister and was looking for something to go in her hair. I (foolishly) said I'd be able to make some cluster type hair pins...numerous hours later I decided that it was harder than it looked and went with the following instead...

She loved them and they looked really good - just wished I'd gone with them in the beginning!

I'm currently organising my workspace - you'll hopefully see the evidence in WOYWW though I'm nowhere near finished sorting it out!


  1. Well, they certainly look nice and your friend obviously was pleased with them. You are doing some nice jewellery - thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for joining my blog by the way. Nice of you to come on board.


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