Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cyber crop Pt 2

Last night was the second cyber crop organised by Kirsty Wiseman - you can find the challenge here, which was to follow the sketch, use the recipe, or both! There was also a freebie download, a lovely curly swirly frame.

Kirsty treated us to a live UStream feed while she created her own page - lots of hilarity ensued and fun was had by all, a few people just came on to chat. Personally, my computer is on the other side of the room so I didn't do much chatting. I'll have my laptop next to me next time, though not sure Kirsty will be UStreaming again!

Here is my layout...

Another page for our Egypt scrapbook (2 whole pages - wow!).


  1. i will ustream again but i feel such a divvy talking to myself (kind of thing) plus.... I said sh*t! naughty girl!!!

  2. lovely layout - too, forgot to say x

  3. Great LO Maz, how fun to watch and hear Kirsty at work..I say the Sh** a lot at my desk, so prob wouldn't even have noticed! Love that layering and those crossed ribbon effects. Cool for a hot country LO!


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