Thursday, 16 September 2010

King Tut

Here is my layout for last nights cyber crop hosted by Kirsty Wiseman.

I struggled a bit last night, I must admit, I was feeling very underinspired - nothing to do with the sketch, that helped immensely! As did Kirsty's UStream feed of her scrapping at the same time - it all adds to the feeling of being at a crop, but without leaving your house!

What a difference a bit of daylight makes!

Here's my layout photo - taken at night...

And taken in the day...


As you'll gather, the page carries on my Egypt photo scrapping. We went to the Valley of the Kings and, naturally, had to go in King Tut's tomb. Unfortunately you're not allowed to take your camera in so the only pic we have is of us stood in the entrance, me looking particularly hot and bothered as we'd just climbed about 50 million steps and it was HOT.

If you'd like to join in the next crop, you'll find details on Kirsty's blog or facebook. We also have a Flickr group now to upload our photos onto if you're not a facebook person.

So, we're off to New Brighton tomorrow so Kirsty can take some photos of us - looking forward to it - pray for a tiny bit of sun!

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