Sunday, 6 March 2011

Chocolate Crackle Cookies

I had a go at making Chocolate Crackle Cookies today - I found them on the Martha Stewart website via Bakerella. The recipe was, of course, in American measures so once I'd converted them they may not have been quite right but they taste good! Be warned, the recipe makes a LOT of cookies - I managed to get 48 out of the mixture (47 actually...Connor was helping and one made it's way into his mouth!) and these definitely require some investment time-wise. The mix is not your typical cookie dough, mine was more the consistency of a cake mix, but an hour in the fridge then an hour in the freezer helped. Oh, and I also substituted half of the dark chocolate with milk chocolate - I'm not a fan of dark chocolate and I was bearing in mind that Connor would probably snaffle a few...

My "helper"...

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  1. Hope you are bringing some of these on friday, if there are any left!!!
    Mum x


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