Monday, 28 February 2011


I had a practice this weekend at making chocolate cupcakes with raspberry buttercream. I need to make 30 of these for a friend's wedding (along with 30 lemon cupcakes and a 3 tier fruit cake!). My piping was rubbish so I just swirled the icing this time round - oh dear, more practice required... I was really pleased with how they tasted though and Connor gave them his seal of approval too!

Those of you with young children may recognise the next few characters...

These are my current WiP - canvases for Connor's bedroom. For those not in the know they are characters from In the Night Garden. I'll keep you updated with how they're getting on!


  1. Yummy Cakes !!!!
    looking forward to seeing your canvases progress.
    Mam x

  2. I think the swirly effect for the icing looks great! Crikey, that's alot of cakey pressure for you, good luck! Love the canvas ideas...I'm way off recognising these things now, am at such an advanced age!


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